Programme's Overview

J-1 Summer Work and Travel (SWT)

International Work and Travel Services (IWTS) recruits students to participate in the J1 Summer Work and Travel programme during their school's official summer break. The SWT programme has been established for over four decades and has been a prominent and legitimate channel for college students around the world to travel to the United States of America (USA) to work and travel while experiencing the culture in the USA . The purpose of the programme is to enhance and promote a Cultural Exchange among all participants, regardless of their country of origin. The exchange programme enables participants to live and work in the USA up to four months, legally. The duration of a participant’s programme may be shortened; depending on the school’s official summer break. The participant will be provided with the Ds 2019 Form (work permit), Insurance and a SEVIS receipt. These are three main documents that an applicant would need in order to participate in the programme.

Basic Requirements

Sufficiently proficient in English to successfully interact in an English speaking environment.
Post-secondary school students enrolled in and actively pursuing a degree or other full-time
      course of study at an accredited classroom based, post-secondary educational institution in Jamaica.
Have successfully completed at least one semester or equivalent of post-secondary academic study.
Pre-placed in a job prior to entry unless from a visa waiver country.

Benefits of the Programme

The Summer Work Travel programme provides foreign students with an opportunity to live and work in the United          States during their summer vacation from college or university to experience and to be exposed to the people and             way of life in the United States.
The programme provides participants with the opportunity to explore the USA, its people and culture as well as                 working with exchange students from different countries.
It allows participants to create a network of international friends and employers. At the end of the programme,                   participants are most likely to gain a worthwhile experience and will also internationalize their resume.
Participants will also earn money to take care of their expenses while they are in the USA, travelling and sightseeing          at the end of their programme.