Internship Services

1. Register HERE!
2. Pay the registration fee of JM$9 000
3. Attend the sponsor interview
4. Pay the programme fee deposit JM$65 000 (US$500)
5. Attend the job interview
6. Hired.
7. Pay the programme balance of US$2700.00 .

This will complete all payments to IWTS
Pay JM$233 000 (US$1700)

This will total to US$2200.00.
You can pay the balance of US$1000.00 to the sponsor while you are in the USA. This payment plan attracts an additional fee of US$100.

In this case, US$1100 will be paid to the sponsor while you are in the USA.
Monthly payments of US$100.00 to the sponsor for 11 months.

You will pay US$3,300 for the internship/trainee, once you use the payment plan.
Note, a full payment before you leave Jamaica is JM$440, 000.00

All our fees should be paid in JMD. Out NCB account is in Jamaican currency.
1 J1 Internship: for recent hospitality graduates-apply within 0-1 year of graduation
2. J1 Trainee

A. Hospitality workers with 5 years of food & beverage or culinary work experience


B. 1 year work experience in same plus + hospitality qualification
Payments can be made at any N.C.B branch.
Name of Account: IWTS Company Limited
Program fee Account #: 065-136-759